This is a transcript of the cutscene Fame.


Location: Level I-6                                        Characters: Runner, Skater

SkaterFront.png (Facing the Runner) Here's what I don't get. The Angel said he found a way home. Why are you still here?

RunnerFront.png (Facing the Skater) For the same reason as you: I like it out here.

SkaterFront.png But you're famous!

RunnerFront.png I got tired of fame.

SkaterFront.png Wait, really?

RunnerFront.png Yes, really.

SkaterFront.png I'm telling you, if I was as famous as you, I'd never give that up!

RunnerFront.png Then go for it!

SkaterFront.png I did.

SkaterFront.png (Looks out into the distance) I went all around the Planet and made friends with everyone I could. But most of them forgot me. It was like my official nicknames were "that kid" and "hey you."

RunnerFront.png (Also looks out into the distance)

SkaterFront.png You were different. Everyone knew you. Everyone talked about you. "Did you hear about the Cartographer's latest map?" "I got the Cartographer's autograph!" "Hey kids, today we have a special guest. Guess who? It's the Cartographer!"

SkaterFront.png And don't get me started on the "there's a map for that" fad. The Dancer wouldn't shut up about that one. It's like, we get it, the Cartographer made lots of maps. ...I'm being rude, aren't I.

SkaterFront.png (Turns to face the Runner) I shouldn't complain about you to your face. I'm sorry.

RunnerFront.png (Turns to face the Skater) You probably shouldn't, but I'll let it slide. I happen to agree with you.

RunnerFront.png All those quotes you mentioned? I didn't appreciate them any more than you.

RunnerFront.png I don't know everything. I don't pretend to know everything. But somehow, people started to think I did. And they took my guesses as absolute truth.

RunnerFront.png One time, the Sailor asked me about thunderstorms, and I showed him my map of a thunder cloud.

SkaterFront.png I remember that! He sailed near a storm and got struck by lightning! He had to got to the hospital! That was your fault?

RunnerFront.png Well, yes and no. Mostly yes. I didn't realize he wanted to sail into a thunderstorm, but I should never have shown him an unfinished map.

RunnerFront.png I gave him a partial map, and he took it as a complete map. If I'd left his map blank, he'd have used more caution.

SkaterFront.png Wait, you gave him your map?

RunnerFront.png No, I gave him a mental map.

SkaterFront.png That isn't the same thing though.

RunnerFront.png He had a simplified mental model of a thunderstorm, which he used to make a decision about an actual thunderstorm.

SkaterFront.png's like a map

RunnerFront.png Very much so. It serves the same purpose and has the same flaws.

RunnerFront.png The Sailor's map only mentioned the most common types of lightning. Since I didn't know about clear-air lightning, neither did he. But he assumed he knew everything about storms, and he got way too close.

SkaterFront.png Oh sure, blame the Sailor.

RunnerFront.png I don't blame him! Everyone makes this mistake, and I should have planned for it. Even I sometimes forget that my mental maps have flaws. You'd think I'd have learned by now, but no.

SkaterFront.png You lost me, but I'll take your word for it. Anyway, let's back up a bit. You never explained how to get famous.

RunnerFront.png I can't tell you.

SkaterFront.png Come on! What's the harm?

RunnerFront.png No I literally can't tell you because I don't know. I have my guesses, but I refuse to give you an incomplete map.

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