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Cutscene Transcript


Fourth Condiment is the 51st cutscene in Run 3, if counting the previous optional and hidden cutscenes.

This is a minor cutscene, but it also allows you to now use other characters other than the Duplicator after viewing.


The cutscene starts with the Pastafarian giving life lessons to the very bored Child about hypocrisy and the Fourth Condiment. She talks about how you can't ignore problems, even if they aren't your own and how everyone needs to make an effort to make the Universe a better place than in previously was. The Child seems very bored, muttering "Uuugggh..." and looking away. The Pastafarian continues, saying how the Fourth Condiment is also known as the Hypocritical Condiment, as the Flying Spaghetti Monster does not follow his own advice.

The Pastafarian notices the Duplicator entering the tunnel and politely greets him with a hello. The Duplicator calls for the Child, who is very much surprised. They run into a tight embrace while the Pastafarian just watches. She looks away and concludes that this would be a good point to end the lesson for the day. She begins to walk away from the father and son. (And leaves the level.)

The Duplicator asks the Child if he learned anything good, and the Child responds that all he learned was that "pirates are super boring."