Did you draw on my map
Did you draw on my map?

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The completed galaxy map as of 8/5/2018


The Galaxy Map serves as a sort of level hub in Run 3. It is a map of the Tunnels made by the Runner. The game has 309 explore mode levels (367 including the minigames, Angel Missions and Bridge Building), and 3 unreleased tunnels as of 5/15/2019. 

Appearance Edit

This Galaxy Map appears like a map in the game, and it is almost blank at the first, with only small dots acting like stars and a large planet. As you continued in the game, more and more levels will be shown as dark dots connected in a black line.

Unfinished paths have an arrow at the end of them while finished paths will just end in a dot for the last level in that tunnel. Levels that are unreleased will have a line, yet no arrow. The line will fade out. An icon of the selected character will appear on whichever level or cutscene was played last.

There are also multiple drawings on the map, made by other characters. When clicked on, each drawing will initiate a different cutscene. Some of the cutscenes add to the story while others are simply for comedic purposes.

Clicking on the Planet will activate the 'Planet Missing' cutscene. Clicking on the power cell/battery will activate the cutscene called 'Student Teacher'. Clicking on the drawing of the Runner will activate the 'Insanity' cutscene. The Teapot, when clicked on, will activate a cutscene creatively named...'Teapot'.

Infinite Mode Trivia Edit

  • The Runner may not like people doodling on her map, yet she doesn't want to offend them by erasing their work.
  • Her map only stores 1GB, but the Runner has never even come close to running out. She doesn't see what the fuss is over 8GB paper.
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