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The Johntleman’s Marvelous Maintenance is a Run 3 "mini-game" (a set of special missions, akin to the Anvil Missions) that follows the namesake Johntleman as he performs a final, routine check on the route to his runnels.

This sequence takes place in approximately the same time frame as the Runner reaching the wormhole, and is explicitly unlocked after completing The Bridge and the Space Runnel.


Acting as a significantly more challenging conclusion to the mini-games, the Gentleman's Marvelous Maintenance features segments with multiple pushable boxes, long stretches of empty space where crumbling tiles used to be, and an overarching requirement to collect every single power cell.


The following section displays the levels that are played per section and how they differ from default:

Section Levels
Route from Box Storage Area, part 2. Box Storage Area, part 2 (Backwards)
Level 33 (Missing Crumbling Tiles, Backwards)
Level 29 (Backwards)
Level 24 (Backwards)
Level 16 (Missing Normal Tiles, Backwards)
Route from Level 16. Level 16 (Missing Normal Tiles)
Level 24 (Missing Crumbling Tiles)
Level 29 (Missing Crumbling Tiles)
Box Storage Area, part 3 (Missing Crumbling Tiles)
Route from Box Storage Area, part 3. Level 32 (2 Boxes, Backwards)
Level 29 (2 Boxes, Missing Crumbling Tiles, Backwards)
Level 16 (1 Box, Missing Normal Tiles, Backwards)
Level 11 (Missing Crumbling Tiles, Backwards)
Level 5 (Backwards)
Level 1 (Backwards)


These set of missions follow after the events of the cutscene Wondering has occurred.

Each section features 1 line of dialogue from the Johntleman per level.

Route 1:[]

[To be added].

Route 2:[]

[To be added].

Route 3:[]

[To be added].


  • "Marvelous Maintenance" continues the trend of the Johntleman’s alliterate naming convention; previously seen with the Coordination Challenge.
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