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There are over 300 levels in Infinite Mode. Most are easy, but there are some where people seem to die a lot. This is a poll to determine the hardest infinite mode level in Run 3. It will reset approximately every half year, and please do not vote until you can interpret what each of these levels are and have encountered all of them. (And feel free to recommend an achievement if you have an idea in the comments section below.)

Warning: Don't add any new achievement or edit the poll until the next reset because it will reset all votes to 0.

(I haven't played all the levels in infinite mode, so I don't know which is the hardest. When I feel like there are enough suggestions, I will start the poll.)

If you have any infinite mode level ideas, put them here.

Level Your Name
263 Eighdeen1
192 Rubiksmath
235 Anonymous user
281 Anonymous user
250 Fivebee2
192 or 250 Random Pro
251 DennMart
313 Eighdeen1
192 or 263 Randomkid999