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In Run 3, 309 levels (367 if counting the mini games) are currently published before 5/8/18. Some of the levels are easy, while some are extremely hard.

We have decided to make a poll which can help in deciding which level is the hardest in the game, and please comment below, so we shall know which levels you think is hard, and we will consider to include them in the poll.

But, the levels you want to submit need to be hard enough that it reached the difficulty of Hard, or we may consider it too easy to be put in the poll. This is due to the fact that some users are joking around and insist that we need to include easy levels like Level 1 and Level 2.


These nominated levels will be discussed and the top 5 will advance to the finals! Anyone is able to put their opinion.

Hell Levels:[]

Vote on whether these levels deserve their difficulty.

PA 16:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro Y Took me ages when I first tried, routing is difficult and takes tens of attempts
Eighdeen1 N The end is the only very difficult part but if you go left, you should be fine.
BulgarianYogurt N I also think that the routing in the end is extremely hard, but the rest of the level is kinda easy.
T. AppleMan Y The first half is easy, sure. It feels like all the platforms line up with your jump height perfectly. Then you reach the second half; a mess of randomly placed 1 tile long platforms and a single box. It doesn't help that the only characters you can use aren't exactly the most precise jumpers.
Runner1001 N Just a little long, not so hard. The characters that can play this level are pretty good.
aRandomGuy Y oh. my. god. it's so hard. WAY harder than BSA7/Bridge (no protip) Hardest in the game, I've beaten every other level, but not this one.

U-8 bridge, second time, no protip:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro Y Without protip, the one-block tiles are very difficult. People on this level usually don't have experience with the Student.
Eighdeen1 N Gravity defying stunts. Still very challenging but not hard enough for hell. Also there are small gaps.
BulgarianYogurt Y Oh my god. For me this level was hell enough even with protip, but without it is just awfully difficult. The box usually goes in hard to reach awkward places and also the Student is not good for this level.
Runner1001 Y The box will go in awkward places. And remember you have to push it 7 times…


Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Most of the jumps are just taps or long jumps, nothing too difficult about it
Eighdeen1 N Consistent jumps.
BulgarianYogurt N Some jumps are very easy to miss, but otherwise the pattern is easy
T. AppleMan N With both the Skater and the Runner, the jumps are very convenient.
Runner1001 N This is a bit harder than a lot of the levels, but this isn’t hell.

BSA 7 Bridge (no protip):

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N 2nd hit is difficult until you know where to go.
Eighdeen1 N Read Random Pro's quote.
BulgarianYogurt Y The second hit makes the level way too hard, it is like triple hell
T. AppleMan N You don't even go through half the stage before it's over.
Runner1001 N What?

PA 14

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Although difficult, not difficult enough.
Eighdeen1 N The boxes are way too easy to hit with the child like T-4
BulgarianYogurt N This level is really easy if you know how to use the Duplicator. I would rate this level Above Medium.
T. AppleMan N With the child, most of the level is just tapping jump.
Runner1001 N Most of the players know how the boxes work, so it won’t be so hard. The suggested characters are pretty good at this level.

Non-Hell Levels:[]

Votes: (People will put their top 5 here)

Username #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Random Pro LPT 22 Missions U-7 bridge (no protip) M-5 Bridge T-3 Bridge LPT 22
TheStarsOfTheSky U-7 bridge (no protip) LPT 22 Missions T-3 Bridge H-1 C-5
Eighdeen1 LPT 24 TWB 16 M-5 Bridge LPT 22/Missions U-7 Bridge No Protip
BulgarianYogurt U-8 bridge, no protip U-7 Bridge, no protip M-5 bridge, no protip BSA part 7, no protip Winter Games, part 18


Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Somewhat easy, student is op
TheStarsOfTheSky Y Fairly hard (probably just me). Single conveyor tiles sometimes hard to land on.
Eighdeen1 N Avoid the conveyors(which is easy when using the student)and you will be fine
T. AppleMan N The green platforms are huge and close together. Land on those.
PeacefulPotato8 Y It's probably just me, but playing the student is hard, especially with the small-ish tiles to land on.
Cylam N Other than the single conveyor tiles, which you can avoid by switching gravity, not that hard of a level.
Runner1001 N Most of the players are familiar of the student, so it won’t be hard.


Username Y/N Commentary
TheStarsOfTheSky N Not hard enough (the bridge makes the level much easier than what it use to be when I made this level)
Eighdeen1 N The Pastafarian revamp makes this easy
T. AppleMan Y I remember it taking me nearly 30 minutes to complete this level for the first time. The ice ramp jumps don't work well with the Pastafarian, especially since the crumbling tiles before them block the light bridge.
PeacefulPotato8 N While it may take a few tries, if you focus on the light bridge for the first half and ignore it for the second half (with the ramps) it isn't that hard.


Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Not too hard once you get the hang of it
TheStarsOfTheSky N Use the rings of crumbling tiles to your advantage
Eighdeen1 N Play as you are earning the too lazy to aim achievement(same as what stars said)
PeacefulPotato8 N If you start on the right side, after a minute or two of practice it isn't that hard (basically what Random Pro said)


Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Tricky timings, but tapping with Runner will beat it.
TheStarsOfTheSky Y Conveyors can throw off your timing
Eighdeen1 N Keep moving sideways and you'll win
T. AppleMan N Tap jump with the Runner.
PeacefulPotato8 Y The small size of blocks, irregular gaps, sporadically placed conveyor belts, and limited choice of characters make this level incredibly hard.
Runner1001 N Like Plan C, part 5 but easier

LPT 22:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro Y Although now I think it's easy, it took me a long time when I first encountered the level.
TheStarsOfTheSky N Use the lit tile path, while using some of the dark tiles when necessary
Eighdeen1 N Precise jumps in the dark, but not really COMPLETE darkness. This level is quite short and you can use Skater path with bunny, child, or student.
T. AppleMan N Keep moving to the left.
PeacefulPotato8 N On Kongregate, after your first try, it doesn't even blackout.
Runner1001 N There is a pattern, just keep jumping to the left and use the lit tiles if needed.
BulgarianYogurt N One of the easier LPT levels, beatable by almost every character.

LPT 22/Missions:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro Y Angel doesn't work too well in this level (dash is much weaker)
TheStarsOfTheSky Y Angel has low maneuverability, making it harder to run around the platforms
Eighdeen1 Y Angel cannot use the easy path due to jump height so you will have to go the other way, which is harder because requires good maneuverability but Angel is not that maneuverable
PeacefulPotato8 N Same as LPT 22
Runner1001 Y Same as what RandomPro wrote
WarpoBG N The Angel's weak boost can throw you off

LPT 23:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N There are so many tiles here and skater works easily.
TheStarsOfTheSky N Use the Child, can walk through half the level on crumbling tiles
Eighdeen1 N Difficult, but way too short for a level to be on this list.
T. AppleMan N If you die after the level blacks out, the level won't black out again. A lot of the level is a straight line of crumbling tiles, which means the Child can beat it in 2 jumps.
PeacefulPotato8 N It doesn't turn dark after the first try, it is easy with the child and not too hard with the runner.
Runner1001 N This level doesn’t deserve the difficulty of hard…Just figure your route

LPT 24:

Username Y/N Commentary
TheStarsOfTheSky N Memorization is key to this level
Eighdeen1 Y At the fourth blink, You have to move sideways and jump quick. Also you need your maximum memory.
T. AppleMan Y It's hard to judge the distance of each platform when you have a second to see them. They also doesn't light up again after you die.
PeacefulPotato8 Y It is almost entirely pitch black after your first try
WarpoBG N Even though I was still a beginner when i first attempted the level, it didn't pose much of a problem. It is still annoying, but easy to memorise.
Runner1001 Y After the fifth blink it is completely black. After that, it’s sheer luck

M-5 Bridge:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro Y Takes many attempts to finish, finding route takes lots of time
Eighdeen1 Y The position of the box makes it incredibly challenging
Runner1001 N You have to remember where to land, then it’s easy

NT 9:

Username Y/N Commentary
TheStarsOfTheSky N Experienced players with the child (like me) shouldn't find this level too much of a challenge.
Eighdeen1 N Child has a very low jump and this level is too short to be very hard.
T. AppleMan N The level is too short.

T-3/Bridge, first time:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro Y Some of the jumps are very hard with Runner
TheStarsOfTheSky Y Sometimes you'll hit the box into a place with no platforms and it's pretty much game over
Eighdeen1 N Despite the large gaps, this level is too easy to maneuver with the Runner.
Runner1001 N Same as what Eighdeen1 wrote


Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Too overrated
TheStarsOfTheSky N Just figure out your route
Eighdeen1 N You can easily see what side of the boxes you have to use.
Runner1001 N Same as what RandomPro wrote
BulgarianYogurt N Pretty hard to figure out but then it's easy.
T. AppleMan N One of the few levels I distinctly remember. Not just the theme of it, but the entire layout. Something about it just feels so unique in comparison to every other level in the game.

But yeah, this level is easy.

TWB 10:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Jumping on duplicates makes this level easier, as well as tap-jumping.
TheStarsOfTheSky N Pretty difficult, though can be beaten with duplicates
Eighdeen1 N Play like you are using the Runner(ignore the duplicates)
Runner1001 N Pretty hard, but not hard enough
BulgarianYogurt Y The jumps are too easy to overshoot with the Dupe.
T. AppleMan N Just tap jump across the thin platforms.

TWB 15:

Username Y/N Commentary
TheStarsOfTheSky N Ignore the duplicates and it should be easy, though you might have to use them once in a while.
Eighdeen1 N Duplicator up spam.
Runner1001 N Same as what Stars wrote
T. AppleMan N Just hold jump across the thin platforms. They're spaced conveniently to your max jump as the Duplicator.

TWB 16:

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro N Not that hard with duplicate jumping...
TheStarsOfTheSky N Same as what Random Pro wrote
Eighdeen1 Y Too many crumbling tiles and you are forced to use the duplicator
Runner1001 N Same as what RandomPro wrote
T. AppleMan N The Duplicator can't make all the jumps on his own. If only he could make holographic doppelgangers of himself.

U-7 Bridge, second time, no protip (you can do it without protip if you beat U-8 without protip):

Username Y/N Commentary
Random Pro Y Tough Student Timings
StarsOfTheSky Y Sometimes hard to hit the box then land on a platform
Eighdeen1 Y Box is nearly smack-bang in the middle of the tunnel. Plus there are also insanely hard timings.


This is the poll that determines the hardest level in Run 3 (yet). The result is based on the 369 levels (Missions and Bridge Building, included )that have been published by Player 03 as of 5/08/2018. Please vote only after you play every single level in the poll.

The poll will be reset in about roughly 5 months a time, and remember that the top 4 levels will be only included in the next poll, to really decide which is the winner. For each poll, we will include the suggestions from the comment bar to decide the next candidates to vote for.

If there is a tie, both will be included for the poll next time.

Poll ended. Thanks for contributing. Wait for the next poll, and give out your ideas for the next candidates.
Poll started Poll ended Number of Votes Hardest level Second hardest level Third hardest level
23-6-2017 19-11-2017 72 Plan A, part 16, 32 votes. Level I-5, 10 votes. Low Power Tunnel, part 24, 9 votes
19-11-2017 10-5-2018 209 Plan A, part 16, 109 votes Low-power Tunnel, part 24, 41 votes Level I-5, 26 votes