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It's just so frustrating that I have to start over every time I fall.

This achievement is rather difficult and is considered quite hard. Due to its hard difficulty, the power cell reward for this achievement is higher than most achievements. Infinite Mode level achievements are usually not affected by this and they still keep their 25-75 power cell rewards.


Hasty is an Infinite Mode Achievement in Run 3.

Suggested Characters: SkaterFront.png StudentFront.png ChildFront.png


This has to be one of the hardest Infinite Mode achievements. As such, it is the only achievement in Infinite Mode exempt from the 25-75 power cell rule. It is worth 100 power cells, not much for an achievement of this difficulty.

Here are some tips. First, you can use the Skater, and use his speed to cross some smaller gaps. Stay on the platforms, and near the end of the level, that is when you jump.

You can also use the Student. Use the fact that her ability to flip gravity doesn't count as a jump to your advantage. Right after walking off of a tile, immediately press the jump button to switch gravity, allowing you to make it across gaps.

You can use the Child, thanks to his light weight making himself fall slowly. Aim for the platforms closest to each other in the smallest gaps and jump after running halfway through but make sure you jump off a fast conveyor to make your jump high and long. There is a walkthrough video of earning this achievement below using the Child.

If you know how to get far with the Gentleman, you can simply fly through the whole level and use the power cells as a bridge to beat the level. The Gentleman's ability does not count as a jump, so it is actually possible to beat the level in 0 jumps. You should also use the Gentleman height trick (explained on his respective page) to stay in the air for longer. Don't overdo it, as the level has somewhat low headroom and it is likely you will fly out the top.

A method has been discovered by one of the wiki editors to make this achievement easier. Choose a character on the startup menu, then go to the achievements list, click Hasty's icon, and if you travel far enough, the level is guaranteed to show up! This can save hours if you are struggling to get it. This also works for every other Infinite Mode achievement.


(With Gentleman Abillity)

(With Child)


Run 3 Hasty Achievement Guide