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This is the transcript of the cutscene Heavy Sleeper.

Transcript Edit

Location: Level 40                                        Characters: Skater, Lizard

LizardFront (Sleeping)
SkaterFront (Jumps out from the edge of the screen) Watch out!
SkaterFront (Hits the Lizard) Sorry about that!
SkaterFront I'm trying not to do that anymore, but it caught me off-guard when the gravity...
LizardFront (Still sleeping)
SkaterFront Um, hello?
SkaterFront Are you a... (Pauses) Oh, you're asleep.
SkaterFront I'll let you sleep then. (Skates away)
(Screen zooms out, and The Lizard floats all the way around Level 40 and enters the B-Tunnel.)

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