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Introduction Edit

This is a page of the history of this wiki. When adding a "____ joins the wiki", they must have contributed a lot to this wiki (50+ edits). Do not add edit/discussion milestones or users getting blocked.

2016 Edit

May - August Edit

This wiki was created on May 4th by Player 03, the developer behind the Run trilogy. He goes to create articles for characters, games, game modes, and much more to get this wiki started. On May 24th, Mathwiz100 joins as the first user. From this point until the end of August, Player 03 creates more pages for important story aspects such as the Planet, tunnels, Ring, and boxes.

September - December Edit

On September 1st, Aquastar23 joins the wiki, but doesn't make any notable edits until November, where she creates important pages such as the Galaxy Map, Run 2, and Story. That month on the 20th,Fivebee joins the wiki. More and more contributions from previously mentioned users are made as the year ends.

2017 Edit

January - June Edit

An anonymous user who is now known as L the Boulevardier creates more important pages like the Wormhole and Angel Missions. On May 27th, Huggaso joins the wiki. On June 1st, AK Cuber joins the wiki under the name Sixbee. Sometime later, DerpFace2227 joins on June 15th, previously being an anonymous user.

October - December Edit

L the Boulevardier joins the wiki under the name of Mr.L213 on October 12th after being an anonymous user in the beginning of the year. Starting on November 4th, the day that TreacherousAppleMan8 joins, a plethora of new users join from this point forward. On the 9th, OneNTwo joins the wiki who will later be known as Runaway3D, but goes on a two year hiatus sometime in December. The 28th saw Rubiksmath join.

On December 13th, Fivebee is mysteriously logged out. A new account called Fivebee2 joins two days later as Fivebee's new main account. More prominent users make their appearance throughout December. Such as GoBo15 on December 16th, Chiptheblewcat on December 18th, NintendoPanda101Runner a day later, and Bra56dn on December 31st. Some of these users were previously anonymous or just viewing the wiki.

2018 Edit

January-April Edit

Andonggeon, Tanline666, Plain Toast and Random Pro joins the wiki, all in January and February. At the end of February, Huggaso, DerpFace2227, AK Cuber, GoBo15, Aquastar23 and a few others are named admin. On March 6, L the Boulevardier becomes an admin. TheStarsOfTheSky joined the wiki on March 12. Shortly after, AK Cuber Starts the Creator Contest on March 19. On April 22, Tanline666 got promoted to Admin. On April 30, Badges are added under a request by Huggaso.

May-December Edit

Once badges were added to this wiki, a "war" began. One of purposes for the badges was to increase activity on this wiki. However, instead of helpful edits being made on this wiki, many were vandalism and/or spam. On May 18, Badges are removed from the wiki. A day after, The Creator Contest is closed. Rail WAM score is added to the wiki On June 20. Jp367 joins the wiki, on July 17, after being an anonymous user since September 2017. The following day, Wiki editors implement a new rule that users with rights will have their rights removed if inactive for 30 days without notice. TheStarsOfTheSky is promoted to discussion mod. Plain Toast, DaRareGames and Andonggeon are demoted due to inactivity on July 29. On October 8, Jp367 was promoted to discussion mod, chat mod, and content mod. However, this promotion was not 100% official since it was not yet approved by Player 03.

2019 Edit

January 4 Edit

DennMart, future Discussiond and Chat Mod, joins the wiki.

January 6 Edit

Derpface2227 and Huggaso are made bureaucrat. GoBo15, Aquastar, and L the Boulevardier are demoted due to inactivity.

January 9 Edit

Chiptheblewcat and Tanline666 are demoted from content mod and discussion mod. Random Pro is given content mod privileges.

February 4 Edit

NintendoPanda101 has been demoted from Admin.

February 19 Edit

Run3lova joins the wiki.

March 2 Edit

Super-Cow-Pig173 and Eighdeen1 join the wiki.

March 14 Edit

T-7IsOverrated, later Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated, future admin, joins the wiki after being an anonymous user for a few months.

March 23 Edit

RunKing joins the wiki.

April 5 Edit

TheAngel001 joins the wiki.

April 7Edit

NintendoPanda101 returns from his absence.

April 13-14 Edit

DerpFace2227 supposedly gives T-7IsOverrated Rollback, but it doesn't show up.

April 14 Edit

Huggaso successfully gives T-7IsOverrated Rollback abilities.

April 23 Edit

0Twinkle0 joins the wiki.

April 24 Edit

TotallyCreativeUsername12345 joins the wiki.

May 14 Edit

TheStarsOfTheSky and Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated get promoted to content moderator.

May 17 Edit

Cheese and pizza joins the wiki.

May 27 Edit

AK Cuber promotes Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated to chat moderator and discussions moderator.

May 28 Edit

Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated and RunKing get logged out of their accounts like Fivebee.

May 30 Edit

Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated gets his account restored.

June 1 Edit

Sghandi9 and Weebisticalweeb join the wiki.

Early June Edit

RunKing gets his account restored.

June 7 Edit

Huggaso promotes Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated to admin.

June 9 Edit

Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated promotes NP101 to chat moderator and discussions moderator.

June 11 Edit

Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated promoted Rubiksmath to chat moderator and discussions moderator.

June 25 Edit

Physicsphysics joins the wiki.

July 5 Edit

Windows NT 6.0 joins the wiki.

July 13-20 Edit

Physicsphysics starts an edit war, with many staff members getting involved.

July 21-26 Edit

Windows NT 6.0 starts another edit war.

July 22 Edit

Nemistriborg gets demoted from rollback.

July 29 Edit

A lot of the staff have been promoted.

  1. AK Cuber (Admin -> Bureaucrat)
  2. Random Pro (CMod -> Admin)
  3. Fivebee2 (CMod -> Admin)
  4. Jp367 (CMod -> Admin)
  5. Rubiksmath (DMod -> CMod)
  6. NP101 (Rollback -> CMod)

Huggaso demoted himself due to inactivity.

TheStarsOfTheSky and 0Twinkle0 were not promoted, as the voting said no. The voting took place on Discord. Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated's promotion is postponed, as the voting is 8-7 (7-6, excluding Huggaso's starting reactions). Also, some other staff of the wiki said no.

August 30 Edit

Rubiksmath is promoted to admin.

October 3Edit

NintendoPanda101 is promoted to Discussions mod to help with the edit wars and vandalism.

October 15 Edit

After a year gone, Dararegames comes back as Cockynoob666.

October 29 Edit

Huggaso steps down from being a staff member.

November 15 Edit

Fivebee2 gets promoted to a bureaucrat.

December 27Edit

EmendBend returns to the wiki, under the name Runaway3D.

2020 Edit

January 15 Edit

Runaway3D, Skater in run 3 is underrated, and Eighdeen1 are promoted to rollback and Discussions Mod by AK Cuber.

January 21 Edit

The 3 users listed above are also promoted to Chat Mod by Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated.

February 17-18 Edit

Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated leaves the Run Community and demotes himself on Run Wikia.

February 23 Edit

Skater in run 3 is underrated is demoted completely by AK Cuber due to inactivity and other complications.

March 11 Edit

Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated rejoins and gets full perms back.

March 27Edit

Testingcreating joins the wiki.

April 3 Edit

DennMart is promoted to Discussions and Chat Mod by Level T-7 In Run 3 Is Overrated.

April 4 Edit

DennMart is further promoted to Content Mod and Rollback by AK Cuber.

April 6 Edit

TheStarsOfTheSky is demoted completely by AK Cuber due to inactivity.

April 20 Edit

Runner1001 joins the wiki.

June 5Edit

The Geometry Dasher joins the wiki.

June 12 Edit

EasyJohn42 rejoins the wiki after forgetting his password under the username AnActualChickenNugget.

July 15 Edit

0Twinkle0, Rubiksmath, and Eighdeen1 are all completely demoted due to inactivity by AK Cuber.

July 21 Edit

AK Cuber self-demotes on the wiki from Bureaucrat to Administrator, and before doing so, promoted Random Pro to Bureaucrat.

August 6/7 Edit

DerpFace2227 self-demotes from Bureaucrat to Administrator. He was inactive, but claims he'll return when Run 4 comes.

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