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This is a transcript of the cutscene Indecision.

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Location: Winter Games, part 9                          Characters: Angel, Pastafarian

AngelFront (Walking with the Pastafarian) Time to split up. You go on ahead, and I'll head back. If you find anyone, tell them to meet us right here.
PastafarianFront Understood.
PastafarianFront (Starts walking ahead) Don't forget to practice being nice!
AngelFront (Stops walking and watches the Pastafarian walk away) (Thinking to himself: Who does she think she is, anyway?)
PastafarianFront (Gets smaller as she walks and jumps further away)
PastafarianFront (Disappears in the distance)
AngelFront And... she's gone! Now's my chance to head home without her.
AngelFront I'd never have to see the Pastafarian again! It's not like I owe other jerks anything...
AngelFront (Turns around in the opposite direction) Wait, no. I have to wait a couple months either way.
AngelFront (Starts heading back) It's tempting, but it just wouldn't work.

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