Introduction[edit | edit source]

There are over 300 suggestions in the Achievements section on the Suggestions page. It seems unlikely that Player_03 will look over them and update their status, so if anyone wants to make suggestions for easy, medium, or hard achievements for separate Infinite Mode levels, then you can add them on the table below.

Note: All suggestions must automatically have the "Pending" status next to them when they are first added. For more information on suggestion status, go to the Suggestions page.

Suggestions[edit | edit source]


  • There shouldn't be suggestions for achievements in Infinite Mode levels that already have achievements in them.
  • The reward depends on the difficulty of obtaining it: Easy-25, Medium-50, Hard-75, Really Hard-100.
  • When adding suggestions, make sure the level numbers are in ascending order.
  • Be aware that sometimes there is more than one achievement suggestion for the same level, so be sure to merge the level ID cells when that happens.
Name Infinite Mode level ID (number) Requirement Reward (power cells) Creator Status
Dry snake Level 5 Don't jump 50 anon Pending
Follow the Bricks! Level 14 Only touch crumbling tiles. 50 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Fringe, Don't Crumble Level 38 Only touch regular tiles 50 Anon user Pending
The Conscientous Student Level 44 Beat the level without dislodging any tiles. (You can't use the Child.) 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
Child's Play Level 46 Beat the level without doing anything. 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
Middle safe Level 47 Don't touch crumbling tiles 25 Pending
Do You Think That's Wise? Level 51 Only touch crumbling tiles. 50 GoBo15 Pending
Which Way? Level 53 Beat the level with only 1 jump. 25 NintendoPanda101 Pending
Luck of the Draw Beat the level in one jump without changing gravity. 25 DaBigA Pending
Insert Name Here Level 106 Beat the level without jumping. 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
Ice Skating (and Jumping?) Level 112 Beat the level without jumping. 25 StarsOfThesky Pending
Fro-Zone Level 128 Stay on ice tiles. Suoidarg Pending
Ring Lander Stay on normal tiles. 100 T-7IsOverrated Pending
Icy Ramps Level 129 Only touch ice ramps. 100 RunKing, T-7IsOverrated Pending
Mouth hits level 142 don't move side ways 25 anon
Too Much Gray Level 144 Don't touch the crumbling tiles. 50 T-7IsOverrated Pending
Turn Right on Red Level 187 Don't move left. 25 Powerdestroyer Pending
Knocked Out Of Orbit Level 188 Go around the tunnel and dislodge the crumbling tiles. 75 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Fear Level 202 Avoid black tiles. 50 GoBo15 Pending
Under Construction Level 207 Avoid regular tiles. 50 Markarkaplay Pending
As Straight As Blue Level 212 Don't switch gravity or dislodge tiles(No using child or pastafarian) 100? Eighdeen1 Pending
Chilly Level 219 Only touch ice tiles. 25 GoBo15 Pending
Not Immune To Gray Level 242 Don't touch crumbling tiles(Don't use Child or Pastafarian) 50 Eighdeen1 Pending
Memory Level 244 Jump at least 3 times, use no tunnel-powered abilities, and dislodge no crumbling tiles. 50 EGRLtheEggroll Pending
Don't Try This At Home! Level 287 Don't dislodge any crumbling tiles. (Not even one.) 50 SteelixPrismGX Pending
The Flash Level 292 Touch every fast conveyor without touching a slow one 100 EGRLtheEggroll Pending
Lucky Leap Level 299 Do not touch the conveyors. Only touch regular tiles. 25 JazzRIPPLE Pending
Center target Only touch the regular tiles on the sides with the conveyors(but you must avoid conveyors) 50 anonymous Pending
A New Route Level 300 Don't touch the conveyor tiles. 75 T-7IsOverrated Pending
Control With The Current Don't jump. 50 AK Cuber Pending
Straight A Level 304 Don't move left or right. 50 SteelixPrismGX Pending
Criss-Cross! As the Bunny, avoid conveyor tiles and don't press the jump button. Markarkaplay Pending
AFK King Level 307 Beat the level without doing anything. 50 EasyJohn42 Pending
Leap Of Doom Level 313 Only use the conveyor tiles. 100+ Eighdeen1 Pending
Frozen Snake Level 324 Only touch ice tiles. 25 GoBo15 Pending
The Path Is Clear Walk the way conveyor tiles are facing and don't jump. 75 lolXDXDXDlol1 Pending
Dead- on 299 You can't slow down. 50 AWESOME CLASHER556
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