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Unlike in Run 1, Infinite Mode levels in Run 3 are pre-made, instead of randomly generated. Many updates to the game have silently added levels to Infinite Mode. This gallery aims to display all 327 of them in numerical order.

Difficulty in Infinite Mode is controlled by ordering all levels directly in a queue. No official terminology exists to denote this queue order, so it will be referred to as Q-(number) in this article - with Q-0 being the easiest and Q-326 being the hardest. The IDs are not at all representative of what this queue position is; for example, ID-14 and ID-15 were added to the game at the same time, and ID-14 is Q-315 while ID-15 is Q-4.

NOTICE: If you have pictures of levels that are missing from the gallery, please add them to the gallery yourself instead of posting them in the comments. We are already above 100 comments on this article!

Playable copies of single Infinite Mode levels[]

The below table is an incomplete list of Kongregate-uploaded playable single Infinite Mode levels.

NOTICE: As of January 2021, Kongregate's user content servers are down. As a result, none of these are playable anymore. If you still want to practice singular Infinite Mode levels, head to the Run Mod Repository and download "Infinite Mode Practice" by A-16 or "Infinite Mode Practice: Queue Order" by Oreoid.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59
60 61 62 63
70 74
100 109
140 145
150 155 159
160 161 167
180 185 186
190 192 194 195 196 198
200 205 206
210 211 212 215 216
220 222
230 234
250 252 254 256 259
260 263 265
270 276 277
280 281 288
290 298
300 306
310 313 314 316
320 327 328


All levels with an ID of 293 or more, and IDs 7, 10, 11, and 92, currently do not change color in holiday events, due to being added after the implementation of multicolor tiles.

On outdated versions of Run 3 (pre-1.13, most noteworthily the iOS and Coolmath Games versions), the levels pictured in the gallery with the following IDs were not in the game: ID-7, ID-10, ID-11, ID-92, ID-327, and ID-328.

Notable IDs[]

ID-7 - An 8-sided dark blue level was assigned this ID and scrapped. It contained bouncy tiles, which player_03 decided not to include (except in the Level Editor). The level was superseded by a 6-sided beige level made by Fivebee; the new level is currently the only user-made Infinite Mode level.

ID-9 - This level used to be 15/14 of its size.

ID-10 - A 4-sided pinkish-beigeish level was assigned this ID and scrapped; it contained inverse tiles and nonrotating tiles, two types of tiles which were scrapped early in development due to functionality issues. The level was superseded by a pink level with 7 sides and lots of ice tiles.

ID-11 - A 4-sided orange level was assigned this ID and scrapped because it contained inverse tiles and bouncy tiles. It was superseded by a low-power 5-sided yellow level.

ID-31 - In early versions of the game, this level was black and contained crumbling tiles. When tunnel power was added to the game, this was remade, with the color changing to a dark grey, the power being set to 0, and the crumbling tiles becoming power tiles.

ID-48 - This level went through marginal layout revision early in the game's history.

ID-92 - A 6-sided purple level was assigned this ID and scrapped because it had fast conveyors before their release. After their release, the level was kept scrapped due to length (too long), difficulty (too easy), and interaction with the following level (too awkward). The level was later moved to serve as an unreleased level in Explore Mode, while its ID number was transferred to a new 4-sided ice-only level.

ID-170 - This is intended to be dark, and contains power tiles, but its power triggers are outdated and do not work. Because of this, it is marked as... "dark." The game currently renders it in full power for its duration.

ID-178 - This level used to have a marginally different layout that connected many of the now-severed chunks of crumbling tiles.

ID-181 - This level bears heavy resemblance to an unreleased level, sharing the same hex color, number of sides (11), and tile size. It also shares the same design concept of "rings" of 10 normal tiles and 1 fast conveyor tile, leading into a big gap at the end. The differences are that ID-181 contains ramps and has more and shorter gaps between rings. The two were released in the same update, so it's assumed the two levels were split from the same point.

ID-254 - This is the only level in Infinite Mode with functional power triggers, and the power flickers off similarly to Low-Power Tunnel, parts 9 and 22 when encountered. The code suggests ID-205 and the aforementioned ID-170 are supposed to have these as well, but they have no noticeable effect.

ID-258 and ID-266 - These two levels are nearly identical, with the same number of sides (10), tile size, length, and patterns of glow and crumbling tiles. The two only differ in color (ID-258 is beige and ID-266 is dark red), in power level (0.662 for ID-258 and 0.520 for ID-266), and in the fact that ID-266 contains a few more normal tiles than ID-258. Oddly and despite this extreme similarity, the game currently has ID-258 as Q-323 and ID-266 as Q-195, a significant 128-level difference in suggested difficulty.

ID-259 - This level is the last level in the queue, and is considered by game the hardest level the player can encounter. Due to the way Run 3's Infinite Mode difficulty scaling works, if a player generates around 295 levels in a single run, ID-259's average rate of appearance will reach around 30% and cap out, an extremely significant rate given that any of the 327 levels can appear at that range. ID-169 is directly behind ID-259 in the queue, and is also directly affected by this.

ID-271 - No level exists for this ID at the moment. The number was missed by mistake. 

ID-277 - No level exists for this ID at the moment. A level once did have this ID, but player_03 removed it because he thought it was too hard for Infinite Mode, and reused it as Plan C, part 10

ID-300 and ID-327 - On outdated versions of the game (pre-1.13, most noteworthily the iOS and Coolmath Games versions), ID-327 returns a duplicate of the green level with sideways conveyors assigned to ID-300 by mistake. On these versions, this green level has two queue positions (14 and 93), frequently generates over a thousand meters later than intended, and under exceptionally rare conditions, can generate twice in a row. Strangely, ID-327 is assigned to the earlier copy of the level.

ID-321 - In order to ease gameplay of the Gentleman on this level, battery tiles are present here. These tiles reduce spawn RNG for power cells by denoting only some locations as valid power cell spawn areas. This level is currently the only level in Infinite Mode to possess these rare tiles; gameplay of the level as the Gentleman can be seen here.