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Cutscene Transcript


This is a transcript of the cutscene Inflation.


Location: Level G-10                         Characters: Gentleman, Duplicator, Child*

ChildFront.png (Hiding behind a green tile)

DuplicatorFront.png I just realized why the Government tried to keep us out!

GentlemanFront.png This has potential to be entertaining. Do go on.

DuplicatorFront.png At first I thought it was a conspiracy to keep the public unaware of alien technology.

GentlemanFront.png At what point did you comprehend your mistake?

DuplicatorFront.png Yesterday.

DuplicatorFront.png I spent the day collecting power cells. I made a whole year's wages!

GentlemanFront.png And do you understand the consequences?

DuplicatorFront.png The Government is trying to keep us all poor!

GentlemanFront.png Amusing, but false.

DuplicatorFront.png Then what's your explanation?

GentlemanFront.png The Government wishes to delay the inevitable onset of inflation.

DuplicatorFront.png Now look who's spouting nonsense. "Inflation" is just an excuse not to end poverty!

DuplicatorFront.png You don't even believe in inflation. You collected twenty thousand of those things!

GentlemanFront.png How in the Universe did you come by that data?!

DuplicatorFront.png Guessed. How close was I?

GentlemanFront.png No comment.

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