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It's Just You is the 37th cutscene in Run 3, if counting all prior optional and hidden cutscenes. This is a minor cutscene initiated during the Angel Missions minigame.


The Angel finds the Lizard, staring off into space, when he is trying to look for the Student, and asks if it wants to come with him. The Lizard ignores him, either being too enamored with the stars to notice, or knowing that the Angel is a waste of it's time. When the Lizard does turn, the Angel, saying he knows it doesn't care, pushes it off, simply saying, "Bye."

This cutscene shows that the Angel really dislikes the Lizard, and that he is not a 'pet' person.

After this it seems the Lizard went on to wander some more.


  • This is the first cutscene with two optional cutscenes being the previous cutscene and following cutscene.