Something weird run
Be careful!

This level or achievement has been known to feature a bug. Please attempt it with caution.

Introduction Edit

This is the fourth bonus level in Run 2 played by the Runner.

Gameplay Edit

As the name states, if you jump, you will hit the top platform and won't be able to finish the level. You need to find ways to cross platforms without jumping, which should be fine in most cases, but some parts of this level are tricky. If you have the double jump however, jumping is allowed, and actually encouraged as it makes the level way easier to finish.

Bonus Edit

Play the level normally, but at the end go to the left route, which is harder as you need to get onto the very corner of the blocks moving diagonally. The bonus is at the end.

Bug Edit

There is a glitch. If you stay on the left on the beginning of the level, then jump, you will jump to the right and the gravity won’t change. This glitch has been reported by Tanline666 so far.

Also, Although this level's title is Jumping Not Allowed, if you go to the left and jump around the top platform you can still beat this level with a jump.

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