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If you know of any bugs in the game trilogy (including Run 1, Run 2, and Run 3), please add them here. Remove bugs when they are fixed.

Only bugs on and Mobile are guaranteed to be eventually fixed, Poki, Kong, and Coolmath are possible.


  • Going through tiles: Sometimes, the character may go through the gaps between adjacent tiles, even though that should not happen. This most commonly happens between levels and interacting with the Pastafarian's light bridge.
  • Ramp height maintenance: With enough speed and by jumping from a ramp preceding a box (often seen in the Box Storage Area) you can maintain the height reached for every subsequent jump by jump buffering. The effect ends once you stop jump buffering.
  • Infinite mode overload: Sometimes, when you play infinite mode too much you will go in this strange mode where you are in the middle of a run and your character just stops moving; then, it will shrink and hide behind a tile and it will say you died. Then if you click on your screen or press space to go into a new run, your character will appear where you left off but you will die straight away. If you go into a new run again, nothing will be there and you can't die - you will keep running until you press Esc, and then if you press the infinite mode button (on the home screen) it will not let you back in, and if you go to your map to play/replay a level, it will not let you until you refresh your page. Once you refresh, everything will be back to normal but it will happen again if you play infinite mode too much.
  • A Journey Of 1000 Light Years and Galactic Vandalism (Cool Math): Since Player 03 sent Coolmath Games an updated copy of the game, the previously broken achievements (Including A Breath of Fresh Nothing and The Conscientious Lizard) have been fixed, but on Coolmath, these achievements cannot be earned. Do not attempt to earn them if you are playing on Coolmath.
  • Darkness: Sometimes when you play a level/watch a cutscene, the level/background will turn dark.
  • Lightness: Sometimes in the Low-Power-Tunnel, instead of it turning off the power, it just stays light. It makes it very easy to beat a level from the Low-Power-Tunnel when it turns light.
  • Music Glitch: If you have "Unsafe Speeds" playing, change to a different character. Wait until the music will start to fade out, and then switch back to the Skater again. Change the character again, and you'll notice that "Unsafe Speeds" will keep playing. This also can be done if you have other music playing, and then switch to the Skater. Wait until the music starts fading out, and then switch to another character. Switch to the Skater again and the music will never fade out.
  • Background Twist (Works only on mobile): If you pause in any level, then close the game, and after a minute reopen it and unpause, you will notice that the background is extremely glitchy. On rare occasions, the background will show your home screen. (Very useful when you're trying to beat the Low-Power Tunnel.)
  • Box Graphical Glitch (Works only on mobile): If you are playing a level/watching a cutscene with boxes on screen, close the game and reopen it after a minute. You'll see that the boxes will be glitched out.
  • Character Disappearance (May only work on mobile): Sometimes when you open Run on mobile, a character will be missing from the title screen. Often can happen if the character was wearing a costume.
  • Delayed Ice Tile Loading (Infinite Mode with Holiday Theme): If you travel too fast through an Infinite Mode level that is supposed to have ice during December's holiday theme, the tiles may load improperly or too late.
  • Level A-3 crash: Entering Level A-3 as the Pastafarian will crash the game. It's unknown why this happens. Only occurs on versions after the August 2018 update.
  • Level 2-3 crash: Entering Level 2 or 3 as the Gentlemen will crash the game.
  • Running on top of a tunnel: It is possible to run on top of a tunnel. When this happens, if you run on top of a crumbling tile, it will crumble outwards.
  • Invisible light bridge: Rarely occurs in the PC version. Playing through a tunnel backwards (specifically the B-Tunnel) will cause the Pastafarian's light bridge to disappear. After completing one level without it, the bridge may incorrectly be placed underneath the tunnel, allowing you to run in the void.
  • Duplicator Error: Rarely happens when the Duplicator does a specific level that includes crumbling tiles. After he does the level, the game would pause, and there would be a message that says: "An unknown error has occurred. You may need to restart your game to fix it," but as soon as you read and close it, the message disappears.
  • Flashing Duplicates: In Plan A, part 16, when you fall with the Duplicator, and you have duplicates, for about a quarter of a second, you could see black duplicates that flash in random places at the starting point, even though the duplicates haven't been created.
  • Infinite Mode Freeze: Occurs on mobile versions of the game. If the player goes into Infinite Mode as soon as they open the app, it has a chance of freezing gameplay on the first frame. Tapping the pause button will do nothing but make the animated power cell icon on the top left disappear. This has a greater chance of happening in areas with poor connection or on older devices.
    • Run 3 Infinite Mode Easter Egg Event Glitch.png
      During holiday events, there is a bug where when the player tries to click "Infinite Mode", it freezes the game and forces the player to refresh the game. This bug occurs on the HTML5 version.

Other Strange Behaviors

This lists things that are not technically bugs, but are still strange behaviors in game.

  • Duplicate spinning: Occasionally, when a duplicate is floating outside of a tunnel, it will spin much faster than normal.
  • Crumbling tiles sticking: If the player starts a crumbling tile chain falling, and then steps on another part of the crumbling tile chain, it will not fall normally. This can be seen especially clearly in IM level 44.
  • Unnecessary void behavior: If the player falls for about 10 seconds, they are assumed to be in the void by the game, although they may be inside the tunnel (this behavior is indeed canon, however).

Fixed Bugs

This lists all fixed bugs.

  • Wiki links in D- and F- Tunnels: When you click the wiki link on these levels before they are renamed, they take you to the pages for "Level D-1", "Level D-2", "Level F-1", etc. These pages do not exist. This is fixed since all levels like these have their pages left redirects, so it will send you to the correct page.
  • Teleportation Glitch: Previously, when you hadn't finished an achievement, clicking the achievement will send you to that tunnel. This was a game-breaking bug. When you are still in earlier levels like Level 10 or so, clicking the Bunny Hop achievement would send you right to Level X, which allows you to skip large portions of the game. (You don't even have to buy the Bunny for that...) The same goes for when you skip instantaneous to levels like the N-Tunnel. Even more bizarre, after beating Level X early, the game will strangely mistake The Way Back, part 8 and 9 as The Way Back, part 1 and 2, and so on. That way you can get to the end of the released levels before you finish Level 4. This is fixed now.
  • Winter Games Low-Power: In older versions of the game, clicking on an Angel Mission segment that is already completed would just show the cutscene. This could lead to some weird events. Since the Snob and WG part 20 are so close to each other, if you click the right way, you can enter the level with dialogue in the background, and the level dark. If you pause and unpause the speech bubbles go away, and you can play ALL of the Winter Games in darkness using the arrows in the pause menu. This was fixed unintentionally due to the Missions becoming replayable.
  • The Crystal Gallery, part 1 (Angel Missions): On this level (in the Angel Missions only), sometimes the Angel used to spawn on the wrong side of the tunnel. If you fell off, then you should hopefully have come back in the right place.
  • Figure Skater: This achievement states that you must beat the level in three jumps, yet it used to be earnable in 5-7 jumps. This achievement is rather hard, so it was recommended to get it quickly in case the bug was fixed.
  • Bunny Hop: Bunny Hop's description states that it requires the entire level, yet it used to be earnable by beating about 75%. This was the intentional way to earn the achievement and the bug was only a description error. (The achievement now requires reaching the cutscene without jumping)
  • Cutscene Skip: Works rarely on mobile, if you don't dislodge any tiles in Level 10, you may skip cutscene "Coming Through"