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This character or achievement has been scrapped from the game. Not much info is known about it but we do know for certain, that it's scrapped (for the time being...).


Landlubber was once an achievement in Run 3. This is now removed after the Pastafarian revamp.

Suggested Character: PirateFront.png

Note: Since you have to use the Pirate to do this achievement, she will be the only suggested character.


There were many ways to do this. One way was to not switch gravity and try to land on the flat tiles, then go on the ramps, and repeat. Once you got past the first part, the rest was easy.

This is now removed after the update of August 5, 2018, in which the Pastafarian got a major change in gameplay.


  • This achievement was originally suggested by Run Wiki former admin Mr.L213, but with the name "Voyage".
  • Even with the Pastafarian update, it is still possible to complete this achievement's requirements.
  • Although this achievement is removed, since the mobile version of Run 3 hasn't been updated in very long, it is still possible on mobile.