Cutscene Transcript


Leave It Here is the 38th cutscene in Run 3, if counting all hidden and optional cutscenes.

This is an optional cutscene, only initiated when Level T-4 is beaten as the Runner during the optional box sections in the Bridge Building minigame.

This is a major cutscene, yet its significance to the plot is small. It is unknown if this will again have a large influence in the later games.


This cutscene is from an optional box from the Bridge Building minigame. After you finish pushing the box out of Level T-4 halfway with the Runner, you will successfully initiate the cutscene.

The Runner is trying to push a box on Level T-4, and gives up. So instead she takes the ring off the box, and puts it on another one to push back into Level T-3. She then pushed the original box next to a platform and said that this place always needed some stepping stone here. It is revealed that the rings just work in any box.


  • After this cutscene, the "stepping-stone" box will remain in that position. Interestingly, the level becomes plausible if you decide just to land on the boxes, after the box is placed over there. You can try this out!
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