Cutscene Transcript

 Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is a transcript of the cutscene Leave It Here.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Location: Level T-4                                                  Characters: Runner

RunnerFront.png (Trying to figure out how to move a box with a yellow ring across the tunnel) Um...

RunnerFront.png (Looks at the box)

RunnerFront.png (Looks in another direction)

RunnerFront.png (Looks at the gap) Maybe if...

RunnerFront.png (Tries pushing the box with the ring)

RunnerFront.png (Starts pushing the box slowly) Come on...

RunnerFront.png (Continues pushing the box)

RunnerFront.png (Only ends up pushing the box a little bit from the ground)

RunnerFront.png (Slams into the box) Oof You know what?

RunnerFront.png (Stands on the box and looks at the gap) This tunnel needed a stepping stone anyway.

RunnerFront.png (Tries prying off the yellow ring) Now if I can just...

RunnerFront.png (Successfully yanks off the ring) Aha!

RunnerFront.png (Walks towards a box near the end of the tunnel) Might as well take this box instead. Wow, these rings just snap into place.

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