Introduction Edit

This is Level 14 of Run 1.

Gameplay Edit

This level isn't that hard. There are two main ways you can beat this level.

One is to follow the snake path. The snake path, given that this is a relatively easy level is very wide, although maneuvering will still be required. However, the snake is shaped in such a way where you can just avoid jumping. The snake path is more like a guide to show you a way through this level so you can jump your way to the finish.

The other way is to jump along with the platforms. This technique is probably the easiest as it does not really require any sort of maneuvering skills or timing skills. Timing is not an issue using this technique because the distances between the platforms is pretty short and the length of the platforms are pretty long. This technique is also efficient enough that you can easily beat this level without switching gravity at all.

With the large sizes of the platforms, this level should be easy for most players.

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