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This is Level 17 of the Main Tunnel of Run 3.

Suggested Character: SkaterFront.png


There are many holes in the tunnel, and using the Skater can let you skate on the holes with ease. His incredible speed and momentum can let him skate across the one-tile holes easily, and you will be able to navigate along the level. Just look out for the large patches of crumbling tiles, as there are a lot of them, and they are quite large.


There is an Achievement that can be done by finishing the level. More about this can be seen in this page.

Keep It Simple

This achievement requires you to dislodge every single tile in the level. This shouldn't be too hard, since if you use the Runner, her slower speed can let you maneuver easily and is slow enough to walk right into another pile of crumbling tiles. As the patches of crumbling tiles are stick together, you just need to dislodge one of them. You only need to dislodge four crumbling tiles, since there are four batches of crumbling tiles. These are spaced around the level. You also need to finish the level after dislodging all the tiles, otherwise it won't count.

It awards 50 power cells.



Level 17 Walkthrough (Run 3)

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