Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 18 of the Main Tunnel of Run 3.

Note: You can use any character you like but since most people only have Runner and Skater at this point and Runner is better for this level, Runner will be the only recommended character.

Suggested character: RunnerFront.png

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This level requires you to jump along medium-size platforms. Only use the Skater if you are confident enough(or just trying to pass the level quickly), as he can jump too far for the small gaps in platforms and end up falling in the gaps. So the Runner is more suitable for the level. It's a little more troublesome since there are crumbling tiles.

If there is a large gap in front of you, use the high jump; if there is a small gap, use the short jump; if there are two consecutive nearby small gaps, use the high jump and jump over the two gaps immediately.

Use the two types of jumps wisely; they are important for later levels. Plus it's better if you learn now than later as the levels start to rapidly increase in difficulty from here.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


Level 18 Walkthrough (Run 3)

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