Introduction Edit

This is Level 1 of Run 1, and is also the first level of the three games published so far by Player 03.

Gameplay Edit

This level is completely identical to Level 1 in Run 3. (Except from the fact that there is no barrier or instructions at the beginning.)

"This level is extremely easy. Even beginners can finish it easily. It is almost impossible to lose." This is written in the Run 3 counterpart of the level. Since this is a complete copy of the one in Run 3, you may think that this level is extremely easy and impossible to lose as well, right?

Nope, it is actually harder than the one in Run 3, since the speed is faster, and when you step on a hole, you lose immediately, unlike that you can float in the space even after you step into a hole in Run 3.

You can only use the Runner the first time you play it, since there aren't any other characters you can use yet. Before the update, only Runner is allowed to use since there aren't even other characters in the game yet.

As for the strategy, you can just jump over the holes or just walk on the paths to avoid the holes. You can easily pass this level, unless you accidentally slip and fall into them.

For beginners, normal speed is recommended. If you are trying to do a speedrun or want to challenge yourself, you may try to select the fast and intense speeds.

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