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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 2 of the Main Tunnel in Run 3.

As with the previous level, the Runner is the only available character when first playing through the level. However, after unlocking other characters, any one of them can be used to play Level 2.

It is also very easy. In this level, you need to know how to switch gravity in order to finish the level. Level 2 is the tutorial level for gravity shifting and will teach players how to do it.

Suggested character: RunnerFront.png

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Level 2 is extremely easy, though slightly harder than the previous level. It acts as a sort of intuitive tutorial level, teaching new players how to change gravity. It requires the character to walk or jump onto the wall in order to finish the level, thus teaching players this major game mechanic.

Most beginners will be able to finish the level in their first time, though some may need to try a few more times.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Hat Trick[edit | edit source]

Suggested character: GentlemanFront.png

To earn this Achievement, you have to finish the level using only the jump button while playing as the Gentleman. The easiest way to do this is to beat Level 1 again and select your preferred side or location in order to finish the achievement. The achievement reward is 75 power cells, and the difficulty of the achievement is not tremendously high. However, it is not for beginners, as most beginners have not unlocked the Gentleman, or else are not competent in playing as him.

Another way to get this achievement is to start the level normally, and only start magnetizing when you are directly left of a power cell. You will be flung to the right and that platform continues until the end, so just jump when there is a hole at the front.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


Run 3 Level 2

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