This is Level 30 of Run 1.


This level can be hard for some players, depending on how well your timing is for your jumps. The first part of this level is simply just walking along long paths of tiles. You can beat this part without jumping if you have moderately good maneuvering skills, but it is much easier just to use the jump button when transitioning between paths. Then, after following those tile paths, large platforms will begin to appear, requiring you to use some timing skills. Do not jump too early from platform to platform or you may come just short. There will also be quite a lot of gravity switching between the sides at this stage, so stay close to the edge of the platform you are currently on so the jump to the adjacent tile will be shorter and easier.

There are many routes to success in this level, each being very similar as this level is pretty much (not really) symmetric throughout all of the sides. Just follow the tiles and avoid the large gaps, and this level can be completed.

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