Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 34 in Run 1.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This level may look hard since the level looks like a checkerboard (and there are a lot of gaps). There are a few ways to beat this level.

You can time your jumps to land on the 1 tile by 1 tile platforms and do that across the entire "checkerboard". However, this may require more advanced jumping and timing skills as you may accidentally fall into the holes.

However, if that's too hard, you focus on the tile paths. If you ignore the checkers, you will notice that some parts of the level are just long paths of tiles. That way the level will be a lot easier. Jump along these platforms and this level will be much easier.

If you would like to beat this level in style, this technique is a pretty "fun" way to beat this level. Go between two of the tiles on the "checkerboard" where the 1x1 tiles meet. Choose a path and just watch. The you will not fall as while one side is a gap, the other is a tile and it will keep on alternating, always giving you something to run on (half a tile is enough for you to stay on the ground). This may not work all of the time as you may start drifting to the side and fall. Either than that, you will bounce your way across this level to the end.

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