Introduction Edit

This is Level 35 of Run 1.

Gameplay Edit

This level starts easy, but then progressively gets more difficult as more gaps show up. (Kind of like Level 34 in Run 3.)

The level starts off with a few holes that can be easily dodge by moving left or right, or by jumping if you wish. After that, you will realize that the gaps are becoming more frequent and that the gaps are getting larger. You will get to a point where you cannot just dodge the gaps by maneuvering around but have to jump over the gaps. When you get toward the end, there will be so many gaps that the tunnel will be mostly gaps. What will remain is just platforms floating around. Look for the biggest platforms as they are easier to land on than the smaller platforms that can be also found at this point in the level. Jump on the platforms and time your jump for the next one.

Overall, this level should be pretty easy and you should beat within a few tries.

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