Introduction Edit

This is Level 36 of Run 1.

Gameplay Edit

This level is actually pretty easy, despite the fact that it looks hard. It is really just many large, connected, rectangular platforms. As a result, much of this level can be beaten by just maneuvering your way through the level. Some turns may be too sharp to just maneuver, so jumping will be required at some point. Remember to time your jumps with the platforms (the distances between the platforms are not that far so it should not be too bad) or you may come short. Changing gravity will also be required, so do it whenever you run into a situation where there is no longer another tile in front of you to jump to but a platform on a wall.

Overall, this level is pretty easy for most players. Being able to make all of the turns and gravity switches in time are probably the only things that would make this level hard.

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