Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 1 of the BSA 7 Box in the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3. You must use the Student to play it.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

You will notice that this level is much harder than the original one you played before, with much larger gaps. That is because all of the Crumbling tiles are missing, and you are playing it backwards (this doesn't affect it much).

But this is actually quite easy if you are now more adapted to the Student. Her ability of controlling gravity is superb, letting her span the gap without much difficulty. However, you need to be careful to estimate when you are going to stop holding the jump button, or you will overshoot the platform or completely flip gravity. If you know this is going to happen, you can just touch the wall and land.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

StudentFront.png You know, that one box could be some sort of fluke.

StudentFront.png Or could it? Whatever, let's just say it could.

StudentFront.png One box isn't enough. I need to prove that lightning strikes twice.

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