Introduction Edit

This is Level 39 of Run 1.

Gameplay Edit

If you ignore the holes, this level is pretty much just giant easy-to-land-on platforms floating around so it is not that difficult. However, it is the holes in those giant platforms that may throw you off. These gaps only take up a small portion of the platform, yet are placed somewhat in the center, meaning that you can easily accidentally fall into them. You will in this case have to maneuver your way around them. Try to land on the outer tiles of each platform, as there are no holes there.

Do this for each and every one of the platforms you encounter. The distances between the platforms may be troublesome, but can be easily done if you time your jumps correctly. You will have to do some gravity switching during these jumps, but they should not be too difficult with good timing.

Once you are able to easily dodge the gaps and time your jumps, you should be able to complete this level in a few tries.

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