Introduction Edit

This is Level 40 of Run 1.

Gameplay Edit

Although the large amount of tiles floating around may make this level seem hard, it actually is not. How easy the level is actually all depends on which type of route you take. If you take the path with the longer platforms, you will have an easier time compared to someone else who goes by the small floating platforms.

In the beginning, there are a few gaps here and there that can easily be dodged by jumping or maneuvering. After perhaps a few seconds of that, the tiles will become more scattered. Thankfully, on some of the sides, there is a long pathway of just tiles that will allow you to avoid any trouble. From there on, there will be enough tiles to always give you something to land on.

Overall, if you see there are no more tiles ahead, then change gravity to a larger path of tiles. In this way, this level should be easy for most players who have got this far.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the fourth change of the color of the tunnel. It is now an orange-peach color.
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