Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction Edit

This is Level 5 (the final level) of the T-4 Box of the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3. You must use the Runner to play it.

Gameplay Edit

Again, the box is nearly smack-dab in the middle of the tunnel, and one moment there will be many tiles on one side and just a few of them the next. Just try and keep close to the box. Like the previous level, the crumbling tiles will remain like that, unless you die multiple times.

This is an optional box, but you have just completed it! Nice job! Continue your adventure by completing the other optional Boxes, or just go to The Way Onwards.

Dialogue Edit

RunnerFront I want to prove that I can do better than him.

RunnerFront And more than that, I want to see him fail.

RunnerFront (upon finishing the level) Does that make me a bad person?

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