Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 4 of the T-4 Box of the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3. You must use the Runner to play it.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

With the end so close in sight, you'll notice a problem. The crumbling tiles will stay crumbled as long as the box hasn't come back to the start. Try to avoid hitting crumbling tiles, as when you hit some and fail a good seven times you have to restart the level with crumbling tiles again, but with the box at the start. The box is right in the middle of the tunnel, so just jump and push it, even at the cost of dying. You only have to do so three times.

In order to avoid the Crumbling tiles, of course, the best way is to jump to the platforms on the walls. In this case, you can avoid most Crumbling tiles easily. There are alternative routes all the time, so keep an eye on this.

Remember that when you are failing the level, make for the hole instead of Crumbling tiles. Save them. Because when you respawn, they won't be back until the Box comes back from the start, after dying many more times.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

RunnerFront.png I respect his contributions to society, but...

RunnerFront.png In a way, that only makes it worse.

RunnerFront.png I'd normally ignore anyone who acts like a grade-school bully.

RunnerFront.png But he's accomplished more with his life than I have!

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