This is Level 2 of the A-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested Characters: RunnerFront.png LizardFront.png StudentFront.png


This level is pretty easy for a mid-game level. The Runner is best as the platforms require an average jump height and jump distance. The Lizard would work too. And the Student would work very well as well. So really, this level is easy and you should be able to pass it without much trouble.

As for the Lizard, looking when and where you jump since if you jump too late, you may end up jumping too far away and overshoot the platform, failing to beat this level.

If you use the Student, just be careful that you don't float too high and accidentally flip onto the ceiling. Avoid this happening unless you planned to do so.


Once you pass this level, a cutscene will be shown. It plays when you click the teapot on the map. More information on this cutscene can be found here.


The Pastafarian has drawn a teapot on the Runner's map, annoying her slightly. The Runner demands to see where the teapot is. The Pastafarian says the Flying Spaghetti Monster put it there. She then says that it is too small to be seen. The Runner asks about how the Pastafarian even knows about it if it is too small to be seen. The Pastafarian says that the FSM puts a teapot in every solar system.


  • More information about the teapot can be found on the cutscene page.



Run 3 Level A-2 Walkthrough

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