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This is Level 5 of the A-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested Characters: LizardFront.png ChildFront.png AngelFront.png


There really isn't a strategy for this level; as the Lizard, just avoid stepping on the crumbling tiles. As the Child you can step on them but don't jump off them. As the Angel, just don't use the dash, unless it is an emergency.

Since many crumbling tiles are inter-connected, many of them will dislodge if just one of them is dislodged, causing mayhem to this level. So really stay away from them.

Be noted that there are 17 sides of this level (though lots of the sides have nothing with it), you can always try and map out different paths for you to go around the Crumbling tiles. Though, this strategy may take you some time.



Run 3 Level A-5 Walkthrough

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