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Introduction Edit

This is Level 7 of the A-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront PastafarianFront ChildFront

Gameplay Edit

This level is easy as the Runner, but quite difficult as anyone else. You should mostly use long jumps. The only other choice is the Pastafarian. And well, there isn't a strategy for her. You just follow the light bridge.

But still, there are a few tips for you.

First, you can run to the edge of the platform, then do the high jump, afterwards, look for the ideal landing place while you are still in midair (maybe it's on the wall, so be careful).

Repeat this for some times then you can pass this level without much problem.

Walkthrough Edit

Run 3 Level A-7 Walkthrough

Run 3 Level A-7 Walkthrough

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