Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction Edit

This is Level 1 of the B-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested characters: ChildFront StudentFront BunnyFront

Gameplay Edit

The platforms are all quite far away, and you may need the Child to float across, being aware of some platforms being too high for him. You could also use the Lizard to reach the higher platforms and change the gravity mid-jump. The Bunny jumps both high and far, so you can fly far if you have built up speed and change gravity if you miss the next platform.

Alternatively, you can also try to beat this level by using the Student. By using her ability to reach the platforms on top of you, you can easily pass this level. But be careful; you may overshoot or undershoot the platforms above you as it can be difficult to judge distance. If you think you are going to miss the next one, try to touch the platform on the wall instead.

Walkthrough Edit

Level B-1 Walkthrough (Run 3)

Level B-1 Walkthrough (Run 3)

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