Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction Edit

This is Level 8 of the U-8 Box of the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3. You must use the Student to play it.

Gameplay Edit

Now, the Box is back to its usual behavior. Every time you fall off to space and respawn, the Box goes back to its original position. Why does this happen? From the bubble box below, we can know that the Student wants to test if not focusing when respawning will let the Box go back to its usual behavior.

This makes this level harder, but not really hard. That's because you just need to push it for three times. Just hit it, and land on the platform, then use her ability to flip upwards and land on the next platform. Do this until you reach the Box, and flip upwards as you hit the Box. Then land, and make your way to the Box again. Push it and the Box will be sent to the end of this level.

Be careful that you need to push the Box to the next level, or the game will think you forgot the Box and finished this level, forcing you to beat this again.

Dialogue Edit

StudentFront Here's a quick test... What if I DON'T focus on staying calm?

StudentFront Then the box should go back to it's usual behavior.

StudentFront Thus proving I'm the one controlling it.

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