Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction Edit

This is Level 2 of the B-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront LizardFront StudentFront

Gameplay Edit

This level can be quite difficult if you can't change gravity mid-jump properly. Use the Runner to play. But if you struggle to do that, use the Lizard. It is slower and jumps higher. Also, don't be distracted by the bright pink tiles, as it does stand out a lot more than a grey or green alien.

You can also use the Student as well. Try to float upwards, and this can let you touch the long, rectangular platform on top of you, and then you can run a long way without the need to jump.When you reach the end, do this again. This method can significantly reduce the difficulty of this level, and it is pretty easy to do this.

Walkthrough Edit

Level B-2 Walkthrough (Run 3)

Level B-2 Walkthrough (Run 3)

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