Normal gameplay Bridge Building

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 6 of the B-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested characters: IceSkaterFront.png JackOLanternFront.png LizardFront.png

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The tile size in this level is quite large, and as a consequence the gaps are large too. Use high jumps to jump over the gaps, and change gravity when necessary.

Using the Jack-O-Lantern would be a good idea because of her good jump and decent speed which can help you get through the level easily.

Using the Ice Skater would help you, Due to his fast speed ,and higher jump then the regular skater, which would help you get through this level easier.

If you are using the Lizard, remember not to jump too far and ending up overshooting the platforms. This can end unwell..

Feel free to land on the crumbling tiles. The gaps are large, so you may need to run onto the edge of the crumbling tiles or normal tiles in the platforms before you do the big jump. This often helps.

Overall, this level can be challenging if you cannot change gravity in midair or make long jumps properly. If you can do both of these, you can pass this level easily.

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