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Introduction Edit

This is the second level of The Crackpot and The Sneak (Duplicator and Child) part of the Angel Missions in Run 3.

Notice: The Angel will be the only recommended character.

Gameplay Edit

This level is actually identical to its normal counterpart. There aren't even any missing Crumbling tiles. However, it forces you to use the Angel to beat it. Fortunately, you just needed to beat a little more than half of this level to reach the next one.

In the level, if there is a large gap in front of you, try to jump on the wall and maneuver through it to span the gap instead of jumping across it. You can try jumping across, but there is a high possibility that you will fall short of it even after the dash.

At other times, you can work out the small gaps through hops and occasionally perform long jumps. But keep in mind that you should avoid to use the dash, and should save it in case of emergency.

Dialogue Edit

AngelFront The boredom must have driven him crazy.

AngelFront Wait no, then he'd be desperate to leave.

AngelFront Maybe he started out crazy.

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