Introduction Edit

This is Level 3 of the G-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested characters: ChildFront SkaterFront LizardFront

Gameplay Edit

At the beginning of this level (which is in the picture), there are small platforms, but they are all connected and you can just use a jump from any character to get across them.

The second part is harder, and it includes crumbling tiles and ramps. There is one huge strip of crumbling tiles with ramps at the end, which you have to jump off in order to change gravity. The Child benefits more from the crumbling tiles, and the Skater benefits more from the ramps. With the Skater, it helps to have a definite strategy.

In the final part, there is a ramp you have to jump off to beat the level. Both the Skater and the Child can manage this if you jump off it.

The Lizard is the most maneuverable character and he can simply walk and jump along the spirals. Take the bottom route instead of the ramp.


This level was originally made by Gecco.

Walkthrough Edit

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