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Introduction Edit

This is the first level, of The Crackpot and The Sneak (Duplicator and Child) part of the Angel Missions in Run 3.

Notice: The Angel will be the only recommended character.

Gameplay Edit

Keep in mind that you just need to beat either Crackpot and Sneak. They both came in together, so if you beat any one of them, both will be ticked.

In this level, it is identical to its normal variant except that you are forced to use the Angel in this one. The gaps are pretty large, so it is recommended to do a high jump and dash. However, if you find yourself overshooting a platform, try to touch the side of the platform (the ring of crumbling tiles). This can help you land immediately, but you will also need to jump instantly since the rings are narrow and only 1-tile wide, and they are crumbling tiles.

If the gaps are smaller, don't do long jumps and dash. Just do a small hop. But if you did do a long jump, try to aim for the platform behind the one you want to jump on.

Dialogue Edit

AngelFront Does he WANT to stay out here?

AngelFront But there's nothing here! I don't get it...

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