This is Level 2 of the I-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested Character: RunnerFront.png


This level has many sideways-flowing Conveyor tiles. As the Runner, it is best to stay in the air as much as possible, to avoid being affected by sideways conveyor troubles, and towards the end, you need to constantly alternate between the two long platforms built entirely out of Conveyor-tiles. As is predictable, the Runner is good, but the Skater is not.

However, the Skater's high speed makes the sideways tilt almost negligible. Despite that benefit, he is just too fast and uncontrollable in general, but a lot of skater skill may make this easier.

The Student will fare a lot better, and you will have a backup plan, being able to flip up and maneuver her to wherever you want her to land.

However, the Student is not a suggested character as most players have not unlocked her yet.

When you are on the sideways Conveyor tiles, don't tilt towards the direction of it. You will slide off much quicker than you expect.




Run 3 Level I-2 Walkthrough

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