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Thevoid.png This level is hell!

This level is extremely difficult! It can prove a huge challenge to even elite players. It is deemed almost impossible to not-so-skilled players. Play with caution, and may luck be with you.


This is Level 5 of the I-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested Characters: RunnerFront.png StudentFront.png SkaterFront.png


Behold, the third hardest level in Run 3 as voted by the community.

Why is this level so hard? It is because of the platforms in this level are exceptionally small. It is so small that most tiles are only two-tiles large, and that they are composed of Conveyor tiles, making this level even more notorious, though they are crucial for this level's success.

If you want to use the Runner, try to jump on top of the Conveyor tiles, and they will make you tilt at a certain direction. Do a high jump to skip to the next platform. Keep doing this, but in some jumps, small jumps are needed or else you will overshoot the next platform.

After you reach some point of the level, the conveyor tiles will be lined in a circle. Don't be afraid! Keep skipping on the Conveyor tiles like in the previous platforms.

At last, the Conveyor tiles will be lined straight. Don't do high jumps when the platforms are near! You will overshoot the platform. Adjust your jump length based on the distance between platforms.

As for Student, it may be slightly easier. The strategy is of the same as Runner, but you can use your special ability to control gravity in a dangerous situation, which can be really helpful at this level.

The Skater method is to jump far and skip as many conveyors as you can. One thing is that the Skater can do short jumps, they're just long because the Skater is fast. Using a combination of short and long jumps should work.

In a nutshell, this level is incredibly hard. Do your best to defeat it, good luck.



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