Introduction Edit

This is Level 4 of the L-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested characters: RunnerFront ChildFront PastafarianFront

Gameplay Edit

The Runner would be the best choice. Using small jumps to go between platforms is what this level requires. Big jumps are not recommended. Actually, small jumps are what the Runner prefers to use, as stated in her infinite mode trivia. Going left is easier than going right.

The Child works quite effectively allowing you to make a big jump at the very end.

The Pastafarian is also a good choice too. You just need to stay close to the platforms and walk on the platforms and the bridge. No need to jump in the level too.

Overall, this level isn't too hard, except for the fact that small jumps are overused. The timings can be difficult to get used to, so just be careful of it.

Cutscene Edit

There is a cutscene featured in this level. The official page can be found here.

Note that even if you beat this level, the cutscene won't be initiated. This section is placed here since the cutscene featured in this level. (Beat Level L-5 to get this cutscene.)

Don't Knock It Edit

After beating L-5, a cutscene will begin featuring the Angel and the Skater. The Skater has been trying to run through L-4, however, because of his skates, he keeps going too fast and falling off. The Angel watches these repeated unsuccessful attempts from the start of the level. After observing the Skater fall several times, he eventually runs in front of the Skater as he respawns to stop him. The Skater tells him to get out of the way, but the Angel persists in blocking the Skater as he begins to argue with the latter. He tells the Skater that his skates "make his life harder", and that he'll "have an easier time if he slows down." The Skater responds, "Skating is fun! Don't knock it until you try it," and proceeds to skate through the level. The Angel watches him go, saying to himself, "You know, some of us use tools to solve problems..."

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