Normal gameplay Bridge Building Angel Missions

Introduction Edit

This is Level 3 of the F-3 Box of the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3. You must use the Student to play it.

Suggested character: StudentFront

Gameplay Edit

As the Student, given 'Protip', the box will stay in the same place. But the crumbling tiles will also fall away if you step on them. If you die, they will stay crumbled, until you fail around 8 times, and the Student says 'Let's try this from the top', and the box and crumbling tiles return. So it's best to avoid them, or at least not to waste them instantly. If you dislodge them and want them back, and you don't care about the box, hit the R key a few times and the box and crumbling tiles should come back.

But this time, the box actually goes through to M-1, and the Student doesn't just go to another place. So you need to push the box to the end. If you fall, just flip gravity to the top. From there, you just need to aim your landing.


On the flash version of Coolmath Games, if you fail, you will respawn on the crumbling tiles, so you will instantly dislodge them. Then if you fail again, you will fall in the void. This makes the level significantly harder, so we wish you good luck if you play on Coolmath.

Dialogue Edit

StudentFront I still don't know how he stays upright in those skates.

StudentFront I always thought it was good balance, but he seems more stable than that.

StudentFront Maybe the skates are gel? Sounds expensive...

StudentFront These rings keep the boxes upright. Is he carrying one of those?

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