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This is Level 4 of the M-Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested Character: RunnerFront.png


This level shouldn't overwhelm you if you pay much attention to the crumbling tiles and the gap in front of you. Use long high jumps to avoid the holes.

Tips: If you find yourself falling out of the tunnel and there are also some crumbling tiles falling under you, try to jump on them, and this may allow you to jump back into the tunnel.


This level has an Achievement called Follow the Gray Brick Road.

Follow the Gray Brick Road

This achievement is only possible with the Child. You must beat this in only one jump. Simply do what it says: Follow the Gray Brick Road. You will need to find a possible route. Also, you will need to stop yourself against the side of a tile to slow down and thus increase maneuverability to move side to side easier as some maneuvers are too hard for the Child at full speed, even though he is one of the slowest characters.



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