Normal gameplay Bridge Building Angel Missions

 Introduction Edit

This is the Level 7 of the U-8 Box of the Bridge Building minigame in Run 3. You must use the Student to play it.

Gameplay Edit

Same as the last level, the Protip cutscene let your Box stay in its moved position even after you fall out to space and respawns. This makes the level much easier, as you can just push the Box one at a time. Make use of the ability to flip upwards in order to make the first few jumps so you won't fall out in space.

Since the Crumbling tiles are now missing, the gaps become really large, and some of the only platforms you can land on are on the ceiling, so you may need to do a long jump, and use the ability to flip yourself to the ceiling.

After hitting the Box for four times, you will be transported to Level B-1.

Dialogue Edit

StudentFront Hypothesis time. Am I giving off a signal that the Tunnels can sense?

StudentFront If so, they could be monitoring the Planet. Kind of creepy.

StudentFront But would alien technology even be able to understand radio?

StudentFront I'll make sure to test this one. How else could it work?

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