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The child commenting on the lizard's sleepiness

The Lizard is a minor character in the Run series. Like the Bunny, it can't speak or understand language, so very little is known about them. Unlike the Bunny, it isn't very energetic and is instead rather lazy. It is described as a "high-jumper" in the game.


The Lizard can be unlocked by beating level 40 or bought for 600 power cells in the store.

The Lizard has the highest jump. Their biggest weakness is the fact that if they jump, they jump high. This means they struggle in areas with closed platforms, where small jumps are better. Their speed is 9m/s, making them the slowest character in the game.

The Lizard sleeping

If the Lizard fails a level many times in a row (approximately 30 to 40 times), they give up and go to sleep. If they fail 25 times they will become slower and jump lower. This can be used to your advantage, as it helps with levels with low ceilings. Until they wake up, other characters must be used in order to keep playing, the Runner being the default alternative. They originally would sleep for an hour, but the time was shortened to 10 minutes. The Lizard can be woken up sooner by repeatedly clicking on them in the menu screen or the pause screen, however, they will still be sleepy and fall asleep again much sooner (approximately 10 times) if they continue to fail a level. When the Lizard falls asleep, a one-frame cutscene will occur, in which the Child will pop up nearby the sleeping Lizard and say one of the following lines:

  • "Aww..."
  • "You are SO lucky I didn't bring a marker."
  • "Lazysaurus is back for revenge! Our hero must take evasive maneuvers to avoid tripping!"
  • "Back to sleep already? Animals are so lazy."
  • "Do all lizards sleep this much?"
  • "I brought you a battery. Want it? ...I'll just leave it here, for when you wake up."
  • "Sleep Mode Enabled! Good night!"

Other Info

  • There is also a chance that the Child does not show up at all.
  • The place that the Lizard is shown sleeping will be the same color as the tunnel that they failed in.
    • If the Lizard fails in Level 1, they will sleep behind the barrier.
  • Whether they're tired or not, the Lizard won't fall asleep in a user-made level. You can still use a tired Lizard in Infinite Mode as well.


The Lizard is considered lazy and loves to go to sleep. Because of this laziness, they don’t care about where it is and what it is doing (most of the time). The Lizard usually is alone, either sleeping or staring at the stars of the dark void. It may be lazy, and would rather give up in most situations, but it still loves jumping high. It seems that it likes to explore, as it purposefully went into the B-Tunnel, and was also found staring at the stars in the M Tunnel.



Even they all like to explore, there are no interactions in game


It didn't seem to notice the Skater flying into it, and if it did, it didn't really care.


They personally do not have any interactions in game.


The Lizard seems to put up with the Gentleman, and while the specifics of the relationship are unknown (such as if the Lizard wandered into Memory Evaluation and fell asleep without ever noticing the Gentleman was there) the Lizard doesn't seem to mind his presence.


The Lizard is often subject to banter from the Child when it falls asleep, but it doesn't ever seem to mind him.


They have had no interaction in game, but the Lizard seemingly doesn't do enough to be suspicious to the Duplicator.


There are no any interactions in game with Pastafarian.


Lizard barely ever interact with the student, but angle talked about finding student in front of lizard (It's Just You), neither if student ever knows Lizard or ever state him. Lizard probably ignored anything related to it.


The Lizard seems to have had multiple run ins with the Angel before, as it already knew that it should ignore him if he shows up. It may have also been in a daze from staring into the void.


The Lizard is a normal part of the lizard subspecies of Alien. It has similar traits to real world lizards, such as its green skin, tail, and spikes. It doesn't seem to resemble any one type of lizard, although it appears closest to an iguana. Apparently, like most animals, lizards have personalities, and one of their traits in the wild is their high jumping.


Ability rating
Jump length
Jump height
Special ability


Speed: The Lizard is the slowest character in the game, tied with the Student. However when it fails a level a lot, it gets tired and becomes even slower. This tired Lizard can still be used in Infinite Mode.

Jump Length:

Jump Height:


Special Ability: Original it had no special ability, like the Runner and Skater, just different stats. However it now suffers performance wise if it fails a level many times, and if it keeps failing, it will fall asleep and become unusable. The Lizard can be woken up, but will still be tired and have lower stats.


The Lazy Way - Finish Level L-2 without jumping.

Widdershins - As the Lizard, run 1000 meters in Infinite mode without ever moving left.

Angry Green Thing - As the Lizard, dislodge all crumbling tiles in Level 63.

A Destructive Loop - Go around the tunnel, and dislodge 90 crumbling tiles.


The Lizard appears in 3 of the 65 cutscenes (65 is the total number of cutscenes if including all of the hidden and optional ones). Here is a full list of their appearances throughout the story.

Infinite Mode Trivia

  • The Lizard does not, and perhaps, can not, understand the concept of jumping low.
  • The Lizard’s philosophy: find somewhere bright and sit there for hours.
  • Like many animals, lizards have personalities. This one just happens to be boring.
  • No one’s claiming the Lizard as their pet. They seem to have wandered out here on their own.
  • The Bunny and the Lizard can jump so high as a result of their strength and weight.

Other Trivia

  • The Angel does not like the Lizard much, as shown when he pushed them out of a tunnel during his missions.
  • The mini-cutscene featuring the Child and the Lizard does not appear in the cutscene gallery, as it does not happen at any specific time in the story, and the Child has several different lines. It is similar to the Easter egg cutscene 'Cheating' activated when you beat Level B-4 of Run 3, other than that one has set dialogue.
  • On the Kongregate Version, the Lizard appears as a costume in Run 1, but has no special abilities.
  • The Gentleman seems to have adopted the Lizard. It is unknown whether he will keep it.

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